Procurement Consulting

Having a rationalized process and a clear procurement strategy is crucial to ensure that an organization can meet its business goals, ranging from sustainability to productivity and more.

Procurement expenditure can account for 50% of an organization's total annual direct and indirect expenses. Savings attained through effective procurement processes allow companies to invest in growth to drive improved performance. The procurement process focuses on what and how is supplied and includes both strategic and tactical components.

DBMR's procurement consulting services enable you to plan or implement a great supply chain strategy in your sourcing processes. With our deep expertise in procurement consulting, we guide organizations towards a new operating model, where strategy, technology, and operations combine to provide pioneering business outcomes. Our vision for procurement over the term of this service is to establish value for money through the operative procurement of goods, and services.

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DBMR's Assistance via Procurement Consulting

DBMR combines strategic procurement consulting services, advanced technologies, and managed services to help clients achieve their strategic, financial, and operational objectives.

Our inclusive range of procurement consulting services includes:

Sourcing and Procurement Transformation

DBMR adopts a comprehensive approach toward procurement transformation; we work with our clients to magnificently transform strategic sourcing and procurement

departments and aim at fulfilling internal needs and gaining a competitive advantage. We use a strategic approach to address critical sourcing and the procurement transformation components, starting with an experience-based valuation and followed by parallel delivery of savings and sustaining capabilities. Our comprehensive sourcing and procurement transformation services include source-to-pay process design and improvement, organizational design, sourcing and outsourcing strategy, and technology selection and implementation.

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Strategic Spend Assessment and Opportunity Analysis

We work with our clients to understand spend categories and identify strategies to reduce costs. Procurement services cover a wide-range of spend and subdivisions

with specific significance varying by industry and organization. Segmenting spend and applying the appropriate category management and sourcing strategy is critical to cost reduction and procurement organization success. That's why DBMR's spend analysis services, go beyond simply categorizing spending. Our opportunity assessment service provides a breakdown of crucial sourcing approaches verified and proven in the market with significant experience in procurement. DBMR also provides information on opportunities for supplier rationalization and the identification of synergies between other businesses and organizations. Opportunities are identified, quantified, and prioritized based on potential savings, category complexity, ease of implementation, buying power and other change management factors.

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Mergers and Acquisitions Services

Procurement plays an essential role in any mergers or acquisitions, providing the way to create tangible savings and efficiencies, as the preferable procurement is involved, the greater

the value that can be provided. The most successful mergers and acquisitions (M&A) connect each company's exclusive synergies to generate maximum value. DBMR will assist you in working with companies throughout the M&A life cycle to take the lead in integration and procurement interactions in acquisitions and formulate a separation plan in divestment.

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Governance and Organization

A key element for an outstanding procurement operations is a strong and user-friendly set of regulations, policies and measures along with the controls to monitor them.

We use a spend-centric procurement approach to help our clients define the appropriate structure for core spend categories. We also help outline the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholder groups that manage spend across your organization.

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Industries We Serve

DBMR has assembled a highly skilled procurement and supply chain specialists team with hands-on experience in leading industries worldwide to provide you with the support and results.

Our experience and expertise cover a number of key sectors:

How Can DBMR Make a Difference

How Can DBMR Make a

DBMR procurement consulting engagements are led by highly procurement experts and supported by an outstanding infrastructure encompassing our innovative methodologies, market intelligence capabilities, analytical tools, a wide knowledge base of best practices, and global reach.

Some of our primary strengths and skills are as follows:

  • Secure Operational Cost
  • Effective procurement and sourcing strategies
  • Core Proficiency in Transformation
  • Repository of Analytics Tools, Benchmarks, and Ideal Practices
  • Implementing a strategic sourcing roadmap for significant savings
  • Transforming company targets into supplier targets

Our Goal

DBMR aims to provide support to the clients in delivering solutions with added value and high return on investment. Our team of highly experienced procurement strategy professionals will help clients assist in paving a path toward cost efficacy and focus on business strategy and find solutions to their most intractable problems. Our procurement consulting services portfolio has been planned to support our client's needs today and as they grow.

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