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DBMR Cloud is a connected intelligence platform that uses a neural network to analyze and integrate macro and micro level data, bridging the gap between data analytics, market research, and strategy for profound growth and revenue impact.

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Market Access

Our Market Access portal provides datasets across 15000+ technologies across healthcare, food and beverages, automation, oil and gas, semiconductors, information and communication technology, chemicals, material and packaging, agriculture among others. Coverage of 40+ countries and customizable upto 80+ countries is the largest dataset in global markets. Industry benchmarking and real-time data analysis is at the core of our market access platform.

Market Access

Competitive Intelligence

DBMR CI Platform has a coverage of more than 20,000+ companies across verticals providing datasets in market share, gap analysis, revenue, R&D, operating profits, news, deals, M&A, strategies. A powerful solution with actionable insights covering the strategies in Competitive intelligence best suited to meet your strategic goals. Proprietary models across markets such as DBMR coverage grid, Market Position Matrix among others. Gather market intelligence, monitor competitors, and provide strategic guidance with trusted world news, detailed company and executive data and multi-channel delivery.


Epidemiology Cloud offers data-driven insights on Incidence, Prevalence, and Mortality trends across 10+ therapy areas and 150+ countries, providing a foundation for informed drug launch planning and strategic growth. With expertise in Health and Economic Outcome Research, the platform is guided by over 1000 medical professionals and powered by a real-time data evidence matrix, answering key questions of who, when, and where.



Import and export play a crucial role in a company's success, especially with constantly changing regulations and trade routes. DBMR Cloud Analytics provides support for trade across countries, covering all major HS codes. A well-executed import and export strategy can give companies a major advantage in the global market and help drive long-term growth. As a key component of DBMR Cloud Analytics, import and export strategies can be easily integrated into a company's overall business plan.

Country Analysis

Country Analysis deals with summary of the country in terms of regulatory, geopolitical analysis, epidemiology, export import, healthcare analysis, production analysis among others. This thematic approach helps you uncover a country’s potential to adopt and prepare for expansion and be market ready for your GTM measures. A country’s ease of business index and infrastructure in the first point in expansion strategy. DBMR country analysis models help you save hours of due diligence and project planning.


Create Connections

Creating meaning full connections across datasets to formulate strategy and navigate today’s complex business ecosystems is the biggest talking point in today’s data analysis portfolio. DBMR provides and supports our clients with report building and data analytics capabilities. With complex multi-market, multi-end user portfolios. Create projects take support from DBMR team of analysts create models and support indicators for strategic demeanors and uncover new markets, unravel new opportunities for creating new growth stories.

Pharma Insights

Pharma Insights provides comprehensive coverage of the pharmaceutical industry, in 40+ Therapy Areas including in-depth analysis of clinical trials, drug sales trends, and pharma news. Stay informed and ahead of the competition with our up-to-date coverage of the latest developments in formulary decisions and changes in the pharmaceutical market. With a focus on delivering actionable insights, Pharma Insights is an indispensable resource for industry professionals seeking to stay informed and make informed business decisions.